Stories of Mothers Saved

Namita Majhi (India)

Namita Majhi lives in Haldimunda village in Karlapani Panchayat of Sinapali block of Nuapada district, Orisssa. She was married at the age of 19 and conceived her first child within…
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C. Rajeswari (India)

Namasthe! My name is C. Rajeswari, and I live with my husband C. Srinivasulu in the village of Basavaiahpallem, Thottambedu, Andhra Pradesh. My husband earns his living as a coolie.…
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Phulmati Majhi (India)

Phulmati Majhi is around 40 years old. She is a member of the Gond tribe and lives in the village of Dabri in Khariar block of Naupada district, Orissa. The village of Dabri does…
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Hindulaben Rathwa (India)

Hindulaben decided to deliver her baby at her maternal home in Bamla, located in the tribal belt of India’s Gujarat state. This was her going to be her second child. She had…
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N. Subbalakshmi (India)

Namasthe! My name is N. Subbalakshmi. My husband, N. Janardhan and I live with our son, Lokesh in Gurrappanaiyudu Kandriga, Thottambedu, Andhra Pradesh. I became pregnant after…
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Jarita Jamkar (India)

Jarita Jamkar is a 23-year old tribal housewife, who lives in a remote village in Maharashtra. She was married at the age of 18 and became pregnant soon after. Her pelvis was too…
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Josnaben Vineshbhai (India)

Josnaben Vineshbhai Rathwa is 21 years old and resides in the remote village of Khatiyavat in India’s Gujarat State. During the seventh month of Josnaben’s first pregnancy,…
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Ritu Kumari (India)

When Ritu started bleeding on the morning of August 18, 2008, she went to a private hospital, where she was told she would be able to deliver without complications in a few days…
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