C. Rajeswari


Namasthe! My name is C. Rajeswari, and I live with my husband C. Srinivasulu in the village of Basavaiahpallem, Thottambedu, Andhra Pradesh. My husband earns his living as a coolie. We have a four month-old daughter. I became pregnant after many years of marriage, which gave my family much happiness. They used to take me to the hospital for regular antenatal checkups. I got an Ultrasound done during the seventh month of my pregnancy. The Ultrasound suggested that everything was fine. The doctors advised me to take a nutritious diet.

My family was hoping that I would give birth to a boy, but I knew that no matter whether I gave birth to a boy or girl, I would provide my child with a sound education. My water broke during the ninth month of my pregnancy. My neighbors immediately called emergency services to take me to the government hospital. During this time, I was unconscious. The doctors delivered my child with great difficulty.

In case the delivery had not been successful, I would have died and my child might have become an orphan. Without proper care, my child might have become a petty criminal and my family would be ruined.

Adequate facilities must be available to facilitate safe childbirth in both private and government hospitals. All pregnant women should be provided tests, treatment and drugs free of cost.