N. Subbalakshmi


Namasthe! My name is N. Subbalakshmi. My husband, N. Janardhan and I live with our son, Lokesh in Gurrappanaiyudu Kandriga, Thottambedu, Andhra Pradesh. I became pregnant after many years of marriage, and my family was very happy. My husband always took me the hospital for treatment whenever I did not feel well. Even though his daily earnings were meager, he used to bring fruits and vegetables for me.

My water broke during the ninth month of my pregnancy. My mother-in-law admitted me in the hospital, where the doctors decided to conduct a Cesarean Section. They advised my family to give their consent, since otherwise; both I and my child would be in danger. My family immediately agreed and I delivered a baby boy.

Had I died during childbirth, nobody would take care of my son. He could have become an orphan and my family might have been completely ruined.

I feel, grants and loans should be provided to pregnant women to help them earn their livelihoods, so that they can take care of their families and children.