Namita Majhi


Namita Majhi lives in Haldimunda village in Karlapani Panchayat of Sinapali block of Nuapada district, Orisssa. She was married at the age of 19 and conceived her first child within the first year of marriage. She belongs to the Gond tribe, where family planning is hardly practiced.

Namita was anemic and was given Iron Folic Acid tablets for this purpose. It was also found that, Namita suffering from edema. Her mother-in-law dismissed the call for any medical intervention and said that the edema was due to the influence of a Duma (evil spirit). Namita would have been died if medical assistance was not provided in time and proceeded to counsel her husband and mother-in-law. They finally agreed to take her to the hospital in Sinapali – 13 kilometers away.

Sinapali was ill-equipped to handle childbirths. The doctor on call there referred Namita to the Upgraded Public Health Center at Khariar, another 40 kilometers away. The gynecologist at the health center kept her under observation, but when he found Namita’s hemoglobin count to be only 4.5 grams, he referred her to the District Hospital.

Namita needed a blood transfusion urgently. As there was no blood bank in the vicinity, one of the employees at the Upgraded Public Health Center volunteered to donate the blood. Ultimately, she gave birth normally to a healthy daughter.

Namita now lives happily with her daughter and is the brand ambassador for the White Ribbon Alliance in her village.