Ritu Kumari


When Ritu started bleeding on the morning of August 18, 2008, she went to a private hospital, where she was told she would be able to deliver without complications in a few days time. But two days later, Ritu’s pain and bleeding were even worse and she was taken to another doctor. The latter said that Ritu had lost a lot of blood and the family must find blood donors as there was no blood bank available. This was difficult due to the monsoon season and lack of transport, but Ritu’s mother succeeded in finding some local youths who agreed to donate blood. Meanwhile, the doctor recommended a Cesarean section to save the lives of Ritu and her baby. That night, her baby girl was delivered, but by morning, Ritu’s whole body was swollen and the baby was shivering. After receiving the blood transfusion, Ritu had to remain in hospital for twelve days.

Ritu is grateful that her family knew the dangers of bleeding and made sure she had a Cesarean Section and access to blood donors. Their swift action saved her life and that of her baby.